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Your campus needs to go all digital, but the form builder tools are too technical for the average campus administrator. Kuali understands. We designed Build with Higher Ed partners who feel your same frustrations. You’ll love how easy form building can be with Kuali Build.

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Automate Electronic Forms & Workflows.
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Launch Apps in Minutes

Build and deploy a forms and workflow process in record time with an easy-to-use drag and drop form builder, process mapping tool and automated testing simulations.

Streamline Approvals

Tired of digging through your email for that one approval email? Never again. With Build, you can send an automate an approval request to anyone on campus and always see where it is at.

eSign on the Go

Students can quickly submit and virtually sign change of major requests and permission forms while running between classes with no additional software or coding required.

Limitless Integrations

Connect with your most critical campus systems to empower business users submitting processes to orchestrate powerful updates, no copying and pasting required.

Rock Solid Security

Rest assured your institution’s data is safe in a platform that is encrypted at-rest and in-transit, maintains fully redundant data storage, and conducts regular security updates and penetration testing.

Unveil Process Transparency

Track an approval process along every step so you can know whose ‘desk’ it’s on, send them a reminder or skip approvals in emergency circumstances

What Our Customers Think

As soon as we saw Kuali Build, we knew we had found what we were looking for – something that could solve for 90% of our low code use cases, while being completely accessible to our end users.
JD Mills
Director of Digital Transformation,
Davidson College
If we could save 100 people on campus an average of two hours per week over the course of a year, this product would save us nearly $675,000 per year... And I love that SCSU is the success story!
Amy Taylor
MBA, CRA, Director, Sponsored Programs and Research, Southern Connecticut State University
This software helped us come to an agreement within the faculty that we could use Kuali as an approval process without a signature on a piece of paper. That was huge!
Ronald Farren
Associate Director, Information Technology, Department of Engineering, at Western University

Quickly Launch Forms

Create campus forms in minutes with an easy-to-use drag and drop layout designers. Add personalized institution branding, eSignature approvals, and as soon as you publish, start accepting mobile submissions all across campus.

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Streamline Approvals

Visualize and sketch out end-to-end process designs using our workflow creator. Easily get an eSignature from anyone on campus with role-based routing and customized email notifications. Add complex routing conditions to easily automate every scenario.

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Optimize Processes

Never let another approval slip through the cracks. Easily identify which workflow approval steps cause the longest delays so you can implement immediate improvements. Integrate data with business intelligence tools to further optimize learnings.

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Southern Connecticut State University saves $675,000 using Kuali Build

Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) needed a solution to supplement gaps between research administration software and supplementary paper processes.

To automate manual processes, Southern Connecticut State University used Kuali Build. Form administrators can now track a form through every step of the process. Previously, administrators could spend hours locating a form at various stages of the process.

Administrators estimate Kuali Build saves $675,000 by reallocating staff time from simple paper processing to actual information management.

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