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Transform processes and elevate impact by devoting your time to student satisfaction, curriculum, and innovation - not managing manual processes.

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Transform Your Processes to Elevate Impact

Reduce Manual Duplicate Data Entry

Kuali Student connects to all of your existing systems removing the need for you to manually enter data in multiple systems ensuring the data is accurate in any place it is referenced.

Support Data-Backed Decisions

Glean insights through robust reports and structured data combined with data from campus systems to empower data-backed decision making.

Ignite Community on Your Campus

Bring all stakeholders together in the intuitive, all-in-one platform to work together from start to finish following your institution’s processes to continually improve curriculum, student experience and success, and the accreditation review process.

Organized Database of Current and Historical Data

Documents, including version histories, are organized and easy to access within the intuitive platform for accreditation review, current student and alumni support, and internal assessments.

Efficiently Manage Processes and Approvals

Workflows and approval processes can be tailored to any organizational unit to ensure all stakeholders are included in the most efficient and effective way.

Collaborate for the Greater Good

Combine and operationalize the best ideas from across campus to benefit faculty, staff, and students in the pursuit of achieving the institution’s mission.

Curriculum Management

Curriculum is one of the core pillars supporting your institution’s mission making it the logical place to start for other critical deliverables like the academic catalog. 

Kuali Curriculum Management supports efficient, effective curriculum processes and approvals while connecting with existing campus systems using tight integrations to ensure accurate, up-to-date information everywhere it is needed without duplicate data entry.

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Catalog Management

An accurate, up-to-date, accessible academic catalog is mission-critical. Creating the catalog shouldn’t take colossal amounts of time, updating it should be easy, and your catalog management solution should support accreditation needs throughout the entire lifecycle of each catalog.

Kuali Catalog Management works to seamlessly produce an accurate, up-to-date, accessible catalog directly from Kuali Curriculum Management reducing the time spent creating the catalog. Additionally, Kuali Catalog Management supports accreditation requirements through addendums, organized historical records, multiple output types (i.e. HTML, PDF), and more.

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Build for Provosts, Registrars, and Admissions Officers

Does your department use paper-based, online fillable PDFs, or basic digital forms and processes? Change of major requests, official transcript requests, petition for late add, graduation application, residency application, change of address, grade change, and academic petition are just a few examples of paper-based forms and processes used in the registrars and admissions offices. While these processes are important, most of the time they do not require the amount of time and attention they currently command. 

Kuali Build for Provosts, Registrars, and Admissions Officers digitally transforms these forms and processes providing the opportunity to refocus your efforts on more hands-on but equally important tasks.

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Syllabus Management

Kuali was born out of the higher ed community. We partner tightly with institutions to develop new modules. We built the Curriculum Management module and rolled out a pilot with the University of Toronto and Coventry University. We built the Catalog module and rolled out a pilot with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and Brigham Young University Idaho (BYUI). We are currently working on a Syllabus Management module to pilot with institutions to manage section/offering level class syllabus.

If you are interested in learning more about this module and pilot opportunity, please contact us via email at experience@kuali.co.

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Kuali Student Case Studies

“By using Kuali, we were able to configure a workflow that is the same for everyone, but has enough flexibility to meet everyone’s needs. It made getting everybody on board that much easier. On the whole, people have been able to get in and start making changes without much direction. People like how intuitive the solution is.”
James Wigginton
Curriculum and Calendar Manager - University of Victoria
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"Looking at other products and comparing Kuali...Kuali really stood out as being easy to navigate, customizable, and we could keep our processes...with some other solutions we would have had to change our processes to fit the technology and we wanted the technology to fit our processes. Kuali allowed for that. After demoing all options, the committee decision was unanimous to go with Kuali.”
Ashley Rogers
Assistant Registrar, Curriculum Management - Murray State University
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Kuali Student Resources

9 Key Features for Curriculum & Catalog Management System
Flexible, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) provides access to a streamlined, accessible, sustainable, and resilient solution for colleges and universities to effectively manage the holistic curriculum process. Read on to learn all 9 features and why they’re important.

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Leeward Community College Case Study
Kuali Curriculum Management opened new doors for Leeward. “It’s more efficient, it’s easier, it’s user-friendly,” said Petersen Gross, Curriculum Chair at Leeward. Read on to learn how Leeward Community College, in partnership with Kuali Student, was able to highlight hidden dependencies, improve proposal reviews, save time, and experience a true vendor partnership.

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True Cost of Paper & PDFs in Higher Education
Do you know how much your paper and PDF processes are actually costing you on-campus? When you add up materials from printing PDFs, staff processing time, manual entry between PDFs and the security risk posed by PDFs, the figures are excessive. Learn more with this infographic to help your team do the math and determine how much could be gained by choosing an alternative approach.

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