Elevating Digital Processes with Kuali Build

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
11:00 AM PT
2:00  PM ET
Join us to learn how Kuali Build—a forms and workflow automation tool—is especially beneficial to existing customers of Kuali Curriculum and Catalog Management.

You’ll gain insight into how Kuali Build works with Kuali Curriculum and Catalog Management and other systems across campus to:
  • Create powerful apps with digital forms and automated approvals
  • Integrate data
  • Create processes with logic and automation
  • Open opportunities for analytics 
Plus, you’ll see how Kuali Build can use integrated CM data to create a Change of Major form in minutes, saving time and reducing errors for both admin and students. 

Kuali Build is a cost-effective and simple way to replace paper processes or digitized forms from systems outside of Kuali Curriculum and Catalog Management. Register today to secure your spot!
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